Tree Ring Lab & Herbarium Facilities

Welcome to the Harvard Forest Tree Ring Lab and Herbarium. Co-managed with Dr. David Orwig, our lab is set in the northern end of the Harvard Forest Archives Building. Our lab is a repurposed garage and is shaded by a sugar maple.

Front of Tree Ring Lab

Front of the Harvard Forest Tree Ring Lab & Herbarium

The main lab is shared space with the Harvard Forest Herbarium. The herbariaum  contains ~ 3500 specimens from > 800 species of local flora.

Tree Ring Lab & Herbarium Interior


The cabinet with the orange face (far right above) is our Wood ID catalog.

Wood ID Catalog

Wood ID Catalog

ID sample

ID sample

We collect tree-ring data via two Velmex measuring systems. The software system helping us gather, annotate, and archive these data is Tellervo being run on a Mini Mac server.

Dan Bishop & our newest measuring system

Dan Bishop & our newest measuring system

Hopefully you noticed some funky wood on the measuring stage. The base of the stage and the platform upon which we set our samples are old-growth wood from an old house at the Harvard Forest. The platform is white ash while the base looks to be red oak. In this way, our old-growth samples feel at home as we biopsy them for all the information they may contain. Stress-hormone free, organic tree-ring data only in our lab!

Platform of old-growth & historic American chestnut

Platform of old-growth & historic white ash

Old-growth oak (QURU?) base.

Old-growth oak (QURU?) base.

The door to the left of the lab leads to our working tree-ring archive. In combination with the Tellervo’s management system and the dedication to archival work here at the Harvard Forest, we will be building a long-term tree-ring sample archive. Stay tuned!

Tree-ring sample archive

Tree-ring sample archive


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