#scishirt Week

In the spirit of #scishirt Week, I will blog daily to show that not all science dudes are that guy. On top of sharing my daily duds, I will also reveal the glory of being a scientist at the daily time step by listing the main tasks for each day. Not included on these lists are the mundane: emailing, filling our Doodle polls to plan meetings (or plan meetings for meetings), coffee talk, affirming decisions previously agreed to (aka, paperwork), etc.



Oh, I like trees. Nature, too.

Today’s Tasks:

 – uploading/sharing data

– manuscript work

 – prepping a talk (or two)



Dress for Forest success (and high visibility during hunting season). We sampled some excellent trees today. My #scishirt was a wicking red T. Not a fan of cotton in the field, but especially on a cool day like today (a bit above freezing). Over that was my cashmere sweater from Mongolia purchased a few years back to keep in the heat.

I used to dress better in the field than in the office. It started in South Carolina where the best solution versus ferocious and hellacious mosquitoes was a long sleeve shirt. Even in July. Sweating beats dying from mosquitoes. I brought a nice blue, button oxford with a collar from the local Goodwill store and buttoned all the buttons. I’ve been all about dressing for Forest success since. Now I have a blue button down with faux rhinestone buttons. On warm, mosquito-less days, I do break out an old shirt that looks like a mechanics uniform. It was hip for a while. It certainly is garage days re-revisited.

Today’s Tasks:

 – glorified backpacking!



A slower day today. Coming off a full day of the admin and scientific meetings and a wonderful staff luncheon, it is more of an Evenflow kind of day.

My work takes me to so many wonderful places; I am so fortunate. Underneath my woolly is a T from the Republic of Georgia containing their alphabet in their script.  Outside of ancient Mongol script, the Georgian script is among the most beautiful I’ve seen. I’ve not inked yet, but as soon as I saw the Georgian script for Liriodendron tulipifera, I got an inkling 😉 of what I might get.

GeorgianScriptLiriodendron copy

Today’s Tasks:

 – work on grant transfer

 – collect my brain

 – plan field work!

 – map out goals for the next two months




These days, as winter approaches, I wear some kind of sweater 2-3 days per week. It ain’t a fashion statement. It is to stay warm. In the past (and these days, too), I’ll go with a nice woolly shirt to retain heat.

Today’s Tasks:

 – finish slides for today’s Lab Meeting

 – senior staff meeting

 – HF Staff Annual Thanksgiving’ish potluck luncheon

 – HF staff photo

 – Lab Meeting

Whew! Not an average day today, either – yay.

 Oh yeah, the geek lurking beneath presentation #scishirts? Not very sciency, but just as professional, funky, and righteous.





Big Monday

Having been raised in a rural area north of Syracuse, NY, SU sports were the main professional teams in the region. Today: orange pullover over a plain blue T.

Today’s Tasks:

 – completing a manuscript review

 – Lab Meeting Eve – my team, me and my research assistant, are leading tomorrow’s Lab Meeting, a weekly gathering at the Harvard Forest where folks present new results, manuscripts in preparation, or update us on various aspects of the State of the Harvard Forest. For me today, data analysis, figure prep, Zen slide preparation, fretting there isn’t a compelling result…

Today is an exciting kind of day.

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